This is a classic Forex autotrading system that has been in use for a while, if you are lucky enough to try out it’s legacy system – stick with it, but even their newer version is on fire and definitely gets the job done.

This bot once had a 100% win rate for almost 90-120 days straight, and we ran that system during that market cycle – it was great. Overall, amazing stats and some of the tests on their website show over 1,500% gains (sounds like a lot, but not from a day trading perspective). We took a look at their YTD drawdown and saw that its about 17%, which is a healthy percentage.

This system does take advantage of very simple and basic price action and volatility oscillator indicators, but there is nothing proprietary going on behind the scenes – which would have been cool, but fine. It is definitely worth nothing that Vortex Trader Pro is not a scalper though, does not use grids and any martingale type of system for placing trades. In fact, it includes an automated trade management system and profit protection function to protect the account.

Overall, the Vortex Trader Pro is a very powerful bot, and we definitely recommend giving it a go and for a system like this, we definitely recommend that you give this system about 3-4 weeks to give your portfolio a chance to really display the power of this system!


-100% Automated Forex trading system, using a proprietary algorithm (which we did get to see – quite fancy). Hands free system to traders.

– It’s regulated, and safe! You retain access to your account and funds at all times. This means you don’t have to send your trading capital to some person you’ve never met before, your money goes into a regulated brokerage account. Huge plus!

– Fast and easy set up, minimum investment was only $500 as opposed to other systems charging upwards of $5,000-$10,000.

– Reliable and REAL trading team. Can’t stress this enough. Rarely do we come across a team of traders who have more than 20 years of trading experience (i.e: these guys are the real deal).


– Higher price tag + 20% of the profits: This isn’t exactly a con, but to some traders, this could come across as “expensive”. We didn’t mind handing over the 20% to a good team. Minimum investment is $500 USD which is higher than some other autotraders. But the price tag is worth it (in our opinion).

– You don’t ever actually see the autotrader itself. Since you are connected to their proprietary framework, you never actually download the EA. This is good for them, and not necessarily bad for you, but you will still be able to see the trading history in your brokerage account.

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  1. Have a friend that has this and he said it was like watching paint dry with performance … I need something more active haha 🙂

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